Scribbling Away
Mainly a sketchdump
And another. 
A warm up sketch from 2 days ago.
It’s been a long time since my last post. Sorry for the inactivity! 
A job application literally consumed a whole month of my life. Ended well though. =) 
This year will be me trying to learn to use traditional media. So I thought it would be fitting that my first post be a watercolour sketch. It’s almost a month old though… oops. I’ll try my best to churn out some new art in these next two weeks before I start working. Knowing me, I’m not very good at prioritising time for art once I start to get “busy”. But I plan to change that.
Lastly, Hello! new followers and thanks to my old ones for sticking around! <3 So nice of you guys. =D
A friend of mine got married today. I drew this for the card I made for her. I’m not too fond of the card but I like how this turned out.
It was based off a bridal photo I saw on the net while browsing for some gift inspirations. I tried looking for the photo again but I couldn’t find it (didn’t bother saving it)… Her hands were actually under his head in the photo, which I thought may have been a bit uncomfortable, if not awkward, but made the photo appear less cluttered so I incorporated that into this drawing.
My mum was asking me why the groom was upside down…my focus was on the bride, if anyone else was wondering the same thing. ^_~
She’s not Rapunzel, she’s the miller’s daughter from Rumpelstiltskin. One of my favourite fairy tales growing up. My favourite character was Rumpelstiltskin. Obviously.
A sketch too boring to colour.
The last of the sketch spam for now. The only reason I didn’t throw this sketch away was because of how her feet came out. ha. =D
clothes practice and some face doodling…
I really want to draw in a more cartoony style but it’s just not happening at the moment. Experiment…experiment. 
more faces haha, but I was playing with shapes and line weights at the time, if I remember correctly.
A referenced sketch of a really tall model. 
Not your typical barbie. 
Been in a creative rut for a long time now…it’s crazy. I want to actually finish her with a background and everything, so expect to see her again. =)